Choose a design, pick the right size and we'll send you the yarn and the knitting pattern you need. Made with our Mosa mjúkull yarn, a blend of Icelandic wool and alpaca - or Gusta Alpaca, which consists of 100% alpaca. 

Hand made knitwear on request

Each garment is tailor made for you in the small town of Isafjordur, Iceland. There are several knitters and each garment is custom made.  You can contact us and choose any design from this website. The prices are based on the design. For the Icelandic pullover in the picture in size medium the price is 170 pounds/ 195 EUR /231 USD including shipping costs. 

Knitting kits ACCESSORIES

Choose a design and we'll send you the knitting pattern and the yarn you need. 

3 Make Me knitting kit

The kit contain 3 x 50g balls of our Mosa mjukull yarn in different colours of your choice and and a knitting bag, and the knitting book: "Simple knits with Gústa", a knitting book with 19 basic knitting designs for mittens, hats, scarves, shawl and more. In five languages: Icelandic, English, Norwegian, French and German. 

Create whatever from Mosa Mjúkull, yarn and/or Gústa alpaca yarn.

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