Sustainable knitting designs from Iceland

We believe in natural sources and sustainability.

We love knitting.

We create simple and creative garments .

Ágústa Þóra Jónsdóttir is the founder and designer of Gústa. Her inspiration comes from the Icelandic knitting tradition, growing up wearing knitwear almost every day and having a mother and grandmother who were always knitting.

In fact Ágústa even named the company Gústa after her grandmother!  Having grown up in the Icelandic climate wearing woolen garments from youn age  Agusta  appreciates natural wools and high quality yarns. 

We only work with natural materials because we believe this is the sustainable way. We blend Icelandic wool and alpaca to make our  Mosa mjukull yarn. This yarn combines the strength and the softness of the alpaca with the warmth and lightness of Icelandic wool. We also carry 100% alpaca yarn for those who are sensitive to Icelandic wool.


We carry knitting patterns for free or you can choose to pay for the papttern with a donation. When you buy yarn you can ask for any of our patterns for free.

Agusta started her knitting career with a book on mitten patterns called "Hlýjar hendur" meaning Warm hands, published in Icelandic in 2009. This book became a great success in Iceland; more than 7.000 copies were sold in a country with only 300.000 inhabitans. A Norwegian translation "Varme hender" came out in 2011. Ágústa also wrote a book about socks with Benný Harðardóttir : "Hlýjir fætur" came out in 2011 and sold well too. 

Agusta studied molecular biology, and gained business development experience while working in the pharmaceutical and Biotechnolgy industry. This experience helps her to develop the Gústa knitting company, while her grandmother helps her with the design.


Simple knits with Gústa

We have prepared a knitting book, with simple easy to make knitting patterns for the yarn Mosa mjúkull or other chynky yarn. The book comes in five languuages: English, German, French, Norwegian and Icelandic. 

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Knitting kits

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