Date of publication is December 12th, we will send the book to you as soon as it is possible. 


This unique and beautiful book has 26 different shawl patterns in

three languages — English, German and Icelandic — next to photos of the Westfjords of Icelands. Their scenery and extraordinary colours have inspired the author to create the designs and patterns in this book.


The author is the founder of the knitting design house

Gústaknitting, and all shawls are made from the characteristic yarn made by Gústa ehf: Mosa Mjúkull, which is a unique blend of Icelandic wool and alpaca, and Gústa Alpakka.


The patterns use charts that are easy to read, making knitting shawls easy and accessible.

Warm Shawls - Warme Tucher - Hlý sjöl